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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

We have loved our work on Ancient Egypt this term. This is what some of our children thought of our topic:

' My favourite activity was doing the Egyptian hieroglyphs and writing like an Egyptian,' -Leo.

Taejah- ' The most interesting thing I learned was how dead bodies were mummified.'

' I really enjoyed finding out how they moved stone blocks, which we tried using heavy weights and straws as rollers, '-Daniel.

' I'm especially interested in Tutenkhamun and how he died,'-Sophie.

'We all loved the videos with the talking mummified cat,'- everyone!

Next we found out about the Great Fire of London. Here are some of our thoughts:

The fire service visit was really excting,' - Emily and Adrianna

'The video was a bit scary,'- Kyle

Kimberley- ' I didn't like the book about the Great Plague.'

'I liked seeing what the doctors wore when they treated the plague victims. They looked really cool,'- Camron

'It was really interesting to find out what the Ring a ring a roses song really meant'- Emily and Taejah

'We liked making the display of the burning Tudor houses best,'- Destiny.

During the Spring term we found out about Heroes. This is what the children thought about it:

We enjoyed designing our Superheroes, especially their costumes. 

We found Louis Braille's story very sad because he blinded himself in an accident when he was 3 and then died from TB at a young age. He never knew how important his invention would be.

' I learned that to be a hero you don't need to have super powers'- Camron
' I learned that Florence Nightingale lived to be 90 years old' - Sophie

Next term's topic is Islands. Some of the children want to find out about places like Jamaica, where some of their family come from.

Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites! 

Picture 1 We practised squirting the hose!
Picture 2 Luton fire Service Visit.
Picture 3 We made up a dragon dance for Chinese New Year.
Picture 4 Erin dressed as a plague doctor.
Picture 5 Little Red Riding Hood.
Picture 6 Can you guess the fairy tale character?

In literacy we practised giving clear instructions

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we practised performance poetry.

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We enjoyed reading our chosen poems to the class.

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