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Video conferencing

Tennyson Road Primary School uses Video Conferencing technology to support the teaching and delivery of an exciting curriculum. Video Conferencing opens up a world of opportunities for our children to communicate with other schools and experts from all over the world.

What is a video conference?

A video conference allows two or more locations to communicate by simultaneous two-way video and audio transmissions. Using a direct link means that we can see and talk to people anywhere in the world in "real time" using the computer or whiteboard screen to have a conversation as if we were in the same room (similar to Skype, but a more secure way of communicating).

We have already successfully used Video Conferencing to link:

  • The School Council with the Metropolitan Police to discuss how to keep safe on the internet.

  • The National Archives – Year 2 used the Video Conferencing technology to learn more about their current topic: The Great Fire of London. The children were able to ask questions to a historian and were able to discover that the facts we had been learning in our History lessons were actually true by observing documents including maps and newspaper articles from 1666!

  • Yorkshire Video conferencing have linked with Year 5 providing a fascinating workshop about Queen Victoria.

  • Year 6 with the National Archives focusing on ‘Propaganda and the Art of war’ – how the British Government encouraged people to support the war.

  • Year 5 to a video conference session based on the Victorians and how life was for people who worked in the factories.

We have many more exciting video conference workshops booked in to cover all areas of the curriculum.