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Hello and welcome to Robins class page! On this page you can find out about what we have been learning and all the exciting things we have coming up.


Our current topic for Spring II is 'Food Glorious Food'. As part of our creative curriculum and Art lessons the children will be exploring the fantastic (and strange) pieces of artwork by Giueseppe Arcimboldo. He is famous for producing portraits of people made out of fruit and vegetables. We will be discussing our likes and dislikes about the pieces of art and then will have our go at designing and creating our own self-portrait using fruit and vegetables. In Geography we will be learning where our food comes from and exploring the journey of a carrot from farm to fork - it really is a fascinating journey!


In Science we will be learning about plants and finding out who seeds disperse and why plants grow at different times of the year. We will also be planting our own broad beans no


In English we will continue reading a range of texts and developing our ability to compare and contrast texts in our guided reading sessions. We will be using expanded noun phrases to describe, using the past tense, first person and continue to develop our editing and improving skills.


In Maths we are going to continue to develop using formal written methods, answering one and two-step word problems, problem solving and reasoning about our answers and expanding our knowledge of time and money. We have another busy half term and cannot wait to get started!!