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Mouse in a house.....

We have a problem, the cat keeps standing on our house so it needs to be very strong so it does not collapse on us! 


The children today worked on their designs for their mouse house.  

They were be provided with 10 straws, four sheets of newspaper, 1 meter of cello tape, 1 meter of string, 10 staples, two pieces of card, 2 A4 sheets of paper and a piece of blue-tac and one pot of pva glue each. This is all the materials they had to build their mouse house. They do not need to use it all but they do not get any more materials. 
Each group will be given 40 minutes to build their house before tests begin. 
The lesson was be broken into two parts. Plan and write up until 2:30,
2:30 building starts. Tests were held Thursday enabling glue to dry over night.
Weights will be placed on their habitat to see which design is the strongest and can take the weight of a cat. Which group will win? Who’s habitat is the best built for this purpose?
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