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We have had loads of fun during Maths this week, learning about capacity. We needed to make a special potion to defeat Beowulf's arch enemy, Grendal. We used a range of measuring equipment to make a 500ml potion and then needed to find out how much of each ingredient we would need if we were to make 5 more bottles. Such a fun lesson!

We explored our school grounds to discover the Maths hidden around us. We needed to look carefully in order to solve a range of challenges. These included tasks around shape, measurement and calculation. Many of us were surprised to find out how much of an important role maths plays in everyday life.

As part of our learning on coordinates, we played Battleships. We has to plot where our ships would go and then use our problem solving strategies to determine where our opponent's ships might be.

We have been exploring equivalent fractions during Maths! We had a lot of fun outdoors and really took our learning further. Have a sneak peak at what we've been up to.

In Barn Owls, we learnt all about the different types of angles. We found where two lines met and then named the angles...


And guess what...Mrs Patel even let us draw on the tables to show our learning!

During this problem solving challenge, we were given 3 dice each. Our challenge was to really apply our understanding of place value in order to create the highest 3-digit numbers. In each round, the highest number earned a point. Barn Owls really enjoyed competing to win!

Guess who...

In pairs we showed our understanding of number facts. Everybody picked a number but we needed to keep it top secret...shhh!

We then asked each other questions using our number facts; this helped us find out what our partner's number was. We really enjoyed this challenge!

In groups we used measuring tapes during our Maths lesson to collect data about ourselves. We then used this information to create number puzzles. For example, "My height is 60cmx2." We really enjoyed this lesson!