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Learning Logs

 Learning Log Homework 

22.6.12 - Art, Design and Technology
"Design your own Olympic torch"
The Luton Schools torch relay came to school this week, we all held it up high. Can you design your own torch?  Later in the term we will be using the designs to make our own 3d torches

15.6.12 - Science 
"What do you already know about sound and hearing?"
In preperation for our science topic, tell me what you already know about sound and hearing.

1.6.12 - Jubliee Week - No Learning logs this week enjoy the holiday 

25.5.12 - Maths 
"Can you tell me how you could measure water?" 

18.5.12 - Literacy 
"Can you find a fact about dinosaurs?"
We have been finding facts about dinosaurs to make a information book.

11.5.12 - Science 
"Can you tell me what you know about plants?"
We have been learning about plants. Labelling them and discovering what plants need to grow. As well as planting our own sunflower seeds and broad beans. 

4.5.12 - Maths 
"Can you count the coins?"
We have been looking at amounts of money adding up 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20ps. Can you count the money on your sheet?

27.4.12 - PSHE 
"Tell me how you can be a good friend"
We have been looking at Bullying on Anti Bullying Day. We talked about how we can all be good friends to each other. Can you think of some ways you can be a good friend?

20.4.12 - Literacy 
"Tell me what you know about the story Cinderella"
We have been reading fairy tales in class. Can you tell me something about the story Cinderella. 

30.3.12 - Science/PSHE 
"Find out some facts you can share with the class about Spring"
Over the Easter holidays can you find something out to tell the class about Spring. 

23.3.12 - Maths 
"Show me what you know about counting in 2's, 5's and 10's"
Using the 100 square show me what you know about counting in 2's, 5's and 10's perhaps use a different colour for each.

16.3.12 - Literacy Book Week
"Tell me about your favourite book character" 
Next week we will be celebrating Book week, reading and listening to stories and dressing up as characters. Can you tell me about your favourite story character. Who? What and Why? 

9.3.12 - Science
"Tell me about what you learnt on our trip to Stockwood and about Grace's Go kart"
We visited Stockwood Discovery Centre and took part in a workshop. We read a story called Grace's Go kart she wanted to make a go kart we looked at the carriages to see what karts were made of, we talked about how she could make it go. We also did an experiment. 

2.3.12 - RE
"Can you tell me about places of worship?"
We visited St Pauls Church this week and have been discussing other places of worship that are in Luton.

24.2.12  - PSHE
"Can you tell me about a game you play in the playground?"

10.2.12 - Literacy and PSHE
"Can you keep a diary of what you have done over half term?"
During half term can you tell me something you have done each day

3.2.12 - Science 
"Can you find a science fact to share with the class during science week"
For Science week please could you find an interesting science fact to share with the class

27.1.12 - Literacy 
"Can you draw and describe a place you would visit on your magical carpet"
We have been looking at fantasy stories and there settings. 

20.1.12 - Maths.
"Can you tell me what you know about shapes"
We have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. Investigating the number of sides, edges, corners they have and their names and properties.

13.1.12 - Science. 
"Can you find some objects in your house made of different materials?"
We have been looking at what things are made of for example windows made of glass, walls made of bricks and doors made of wood. 

6.1.12 - No Learning Logs this week please make sure they are all handed in ready for next weeks home work.

15.12.11 - Christmas Holiday Learning Log 
                    "Tell me something you have done in the holidays"

9.12.11 - No learning log this week. The children have been working very hard on their performance this week so time for a break. Please continue to read your books at home. 

2.12.11 - This weeks learning log homework is to look at the new school website. 
                 "Look on the Year 1 class page and tell me something you saw"