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This is our allotment after half term! It's lovely looking at all the lush, green plants sprouting up; what an improvement from the first week! Some weeds have reappeared, they will be soon gone! The children who attended should be really proud of themselves!

There were some changes made to the allotment area, which unfortunately meant that some of our potatoes were built upon; we're hoping they will maneouvere around the wooden beam. More weeds had shot up, so the children quickly got to work. We also planted carrots and some more onions! It's beginning to take shape nicely!

The children noticed how much the shallots and onions had grown when we came back to them. More weeding needed to be done as well. Also, the children began planting potatoes, this was a tricky operation!

In week 1 the children did lots and lots of weeding! They did an amazing job! The children then planted some shallots and onions.