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ePraise Rewards System

ePraise Rewards System

At Tennyson Road we reward students with Praise Points through our online system known as ePraise. Students can be rewarded praise points for all kinds of positive things within and around school. Points can be issued by Teaching staff, TA's and Administration staff. We encourage pupils to try their best at all times, however, there are some occasions when extra recognition is required to showcase fantastic work or achievements in-class or through Extra-curricular.

We link the school's House system into ePraise, so that every time a pupil gains a point, they also gain a point for their house! We have four houses at Tennyson Road...

  • Bumble Bees (House colour - green)
  • Honey Bees (House colour - yellow)
  • Queen Bees (House colour - red)
  • Worker Bees (House colour - blue)

Pupils are encouraged to be in school as much as possible, to that end, we reward 100% weekly attendance with 10 points automatically. This means over a 39 week school year, pupils can get an additional 390 points, just for being in school.

Pupils can access their own online account at (www.epraise.co.uk). Here they will see a dashboard of information related to all the good work and achievements they have made since the start of term. It will show pupils how their individual houses are performing across school as a whole.

As pupils gain more points in school they will have the opportunity to use these points in a variety of ways. These include using their points to purchase items in a school shop. These range from small stationery items to sketch books, art sets, diaries, jotters and many others. Pupils can also use their points to donate to a school charity of their choosing.

Each term we give pupils certificates for 'Milestone Achievements' (number of points gained) and End of term reports showing a dashboard of data about their points, when they got them, from who and the reason.

Please speak to class teachers if you wish to know more about the system. 

Pupil Access

All pupils will be able to access their accounts through a username and password supplied by the teacher. If pupils are having trouble accessing their account please see your class teacher in the first instance, who can reset passwords for them.

Parental Access

Parents are able to get access to their child's achievements through an App specifically for parents. You will be alerted to any achievements your child has made during the day and how they are performing in general. Parents cannot add points to their child's account, however, you can view what your child sees on their accounts.

To get access you must make sure you login with the email address you supplied to school in order to make it work. Different email addresses will not work.

If you are having difficulties with access, please contact any of the Tennyson Admin team who can check your details on the school system and amend if need be.