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Tennyson Road Primary School

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Cross curricular learning

Shine Bright Wear Bright! Thank you to everyone for supporting the charity Chums. The children have had a good time being dressed up and discussing what good mental health is to them. We have discussed how important, healthy eating, getting enough sleep, exercising and being kind is to being healthy on the inside and outside.

Chinese New Year. The children have been learning about the celebration and participated in various activities throughout the week.

Water experiment. We initially looked at and discussed the current weather conditions and temperatures. The children used their predictions to suggest what would happen if the water and water beads stayed in outdoors for 24 hours. They were really excited to collect the cups and explore what had happened. This generated lots of new vocabulary and interest.

Christmas activities. The children had lots of opportunities to further develop their fine motor skills creating various decorations. They also engaged in learning the story of Christmas and learned how it is celebrated by some but not all of our class.

Understanding of the World: Harvesting

The children went on a walk around school to identify signs of nature before visiting our vegetable garden. A selection of vegetables were collected and brought back to class to discuss the process of growth and why it is good to eat them. The children also used their senses to describe their texture and appearances.

The children had been learning about hedgehogs before making their personal chocolate version. Lots of discussion around texture, temperatures and healthy choices during the activity.

FREEZING TEMPERATURES - The children welcomed the opportunity to get outside and explore the ice that had accumulated on their resources.

Festive activities have started. The children have many opportunities to participate whether they celebrate Christmas or not. We respect all cultures and have raised the children's awareness of differences through discussions on many celebrations therefore it is their choice if they choose to engage in an activity.