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Creative Curriculum

As part of our topic work on Castles, we have also been exploring the Coat of Arms often found on the shields of brave warriors and displayed inside of a castle to represent the family or people who lived there.

We explored the meaning behind a Coat of Arms and how each section must represent something about you, your hobbies or interests, your personality and how a link to your name. Have a look at some of the fantastic designs created by the children in Robin Class...

Our paintings of 'The Great Fire of London' inspired by the artist JMW Turner.

Today in History we learnt about the Tudor houses which were around during the time of 'The Great Fire of London'. We know that the houses were made out of wood, had a thatched roof and were built very close together; this made the fire spread incredibly quickly and destroyed 80% of the houses!

After the fire, an architect told the Duke of York that all of the houses must be made out of brick and mortar and have slate roofs. Also, they introduced a window tax meaning that if you were rich you could afford to have more windows in your house.

Georgian houses

Still image for this video
In Art, we have been learning about the art work of William Turner. We loved the way he created texture in his paintings and how the clouds and waves looked real! We created our own pieces of art in the style of Turner and used sponges to create texture. Have a look at our amazing pieces of art work!
This afternoon we thoroughly enjoyed exploring the Great Fire of London and sorting the key events from the day the fire started on Sunday 2nd September 1666 to the day the wind stopped blowing and the fire finally burnt out (Wednesday 5th September) into the correct order. We had to place the events onto our timeline - have a look at our lovely work. smiley

Our timeline of the Great Fire of London