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Chocolate tasting

As part of our chocolate topic we tasted different flavours of chocolate.  We tried chilli, mint, orange, butterscotch, lavender, espresso, extra dark and caramel.

We also did a tasting test.  We tried four different types of milk chocolate, without knowing what type it was.  One of the four was the cheapest type of mik chocolate in Sainsbury's, and one was the most expensive.  The other two were mid range varieties.  

The most popular type was the mid range varieties, although Lily liked the cheapest chocolate the best! Some of us thought the most expensive variety tasted slightly bitter.
Picture 1 Our 4 options-A,B,C,D
Picture 2 Water to cleanse our palat in between tasting
Picture 3 Chocolate in class?! brilliant!
Picture 4 Yummmmm!
Picture 5 This is the chocolate-can you guess the cheapest?!