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Tennyson Primary School


School Uniform

If you require school uniform for you child, please click the link below, here you will be redirected to our online shop at Prestige uniforms.

Compulsory uniform


  • Grey trousers or shorts
  • Grey skirt, trousers or pinafore
  • Blue checked summer dress (to be worn in the summer months)
  • White shirt with collar or white polo shirt
  • Blue sweatshirt or cardigan- preferably with school logo, however, it is also acceptable to have a plain blue sweatshirt or cardigan.
  • White socks or grey tights
  • Black shoes.


  • Yellow PE t-shirt - preferably with school logo, however it is also acceptable to have a plain yellow t-shirt.
  • Royal blue shorts - it is acceptable to wear royal blue jogging bottoms during the colder months. 
  • Footwear - KS1 black plimsolls, KS2 trainers


Pupils usually attend swimming in Year 4 and may have extra swimming sessions in Year 5.

Whilst in the pool, pupils must have appropriate swim wear.  Swim kit should consist of:

  • a full piece swimming costume or burkini, swimming trunks or close fitting shorts. 
  • Long hair must be tied back and pupils are encouraged to wear a swimming hat. 
  • No jewellery or goggles are permitted. 
  • Pupils will need a large towel.

Our Supplier ‘Prestige’ is who you should go through to get any uniform you require.

Prestige School Uniforms 

Help available to parents with Uniform 

There are regular opportunities throughout the year to purchase uniform, if you are struggling, please contact a member of the family worker team who can assist in finding second hand items outside of these events.  

Uniform Policy

Full details of our uniform requirements can be found in our Uniform Policy using the link below.