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Policy Foreword



The Tennyson Learning Community is a primary Academy Trust with the aim of supporting and leading the growth and improvement of primary academies across the region.

We are driven by a vision that every child has the right to outstanding teaching and exceptional leadership. It is our mission to work with our children, their parents or carers, and our staff to create and to sustain excellent academies. 

We set the highest expectations for our leaders and teachers to support and empower every child.

We will ensure that pupils make the strongest progress possible and build the skills, knowledge and attributes that will prepare them well to make that all-important start to their secondary school.

The work of staff in our academies will be underpinned by a rigorous emphasis on keeping our children safe at all times, considering the wider environmental factors in their lives that influence their safety and welfare.

Our policy framework underpins our statutory obligations to the community and stakeholders as well as our ambitions for the pupils. Some policies come under the responsibility of the individual academy, whilst others are trust-wide.

We are in the process of uploading new Policies, please contact the school office if you are looking for a policy and are unsure if you have the latest version

 If you would like paper copies, a translated version, or we can make anything here more accessible for you, please contact us on admin@tennysonroad.school or call 01582 723230


The Tennyson Learning Community policies