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The Luton Youth and Families Response Group

The Luton Youth and Families Response Group

Luton Youth and Families Covid-19 Response Group

This Friday schools across Luton will close for the foreseeable future for the majority of students. In addition, many face-to-face support services and provisions in Luton already have already been suspended due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

We are aware this will be a significantly challenging time for many children, young people and families, as the impact of the current situation will cause financial, emotional and social strain on many in our community.

We know that your schools are working hard to ensure there will be on going support available over the coming months. Voluntary services across Luton also remain wholeheartedly committed to providing care and support for those who need it, particularly during this time. As many of our organisations develop their own response strategies and initiatives, we have partnered together to form ‘Luton Youth and Families COVID-19 Response Group’ as a central place for children, young people and families to get in touch and access this town wide support.

The group currently comprises of Families United Network, Level Trust, Luton Food Bank, Tokko Youth Centre and Youthscape and more are likely to join in the coming days.

How to access this support

We are working hard to put together a plan of what this support will look over the coming months. If you would like to stay in touch as support becomes available please fill in the attached online form or find it here at www.youthscape.co.uk/lutonYFCRG. If you do not have access to online, please ask your school for a printed copy and return it to them. Similarly, if you would like to be involved in supporting other members of your school community, please let us know on the form. All the information you provide will be held securely, and will only be shared with the necessary organisational members who are part of this group.

For more information, please visit www.youthscape.co.uk/lutonYFCRG or you can find us on twitter and instagram LutonYFCRG.

Yours sincerely,

Jemimah Woodbridge - Director, Youthscape Luton. 

Jane Malcolm CEO, Level Trust.

On behalf of Luton Youth and Families Covid-19 Response Group