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Pupils will have the opportunity to build a chronological overview and gain a grounded understanding of chronology through a real sense of time, period and narrative as they progress from foundation to the end of key stage two. They will become familiar with timelines and the way in which history flows and interacts like a narrative.

At Tennyson we have teachers who are creative and confident to provide learning opportunities to encompass local, national and international history. The children will develop an extensive breadth of vocabulary and investigative skills while fully embracing what makes the past come to life and history shine.

By the end of foundation stage, the children will have had an introduction to the idea of what constitutes now and in the past by introducing children to the linear nature of time using seasonal change or sequencing events and experiences in their school day or wider life.

At the end of Key Stage 1, the children will understand the difference between now and the past. They will have exposure to changes within living memory and events beyond living memory. The planning will be centred on the children’s sphere of understanding such as their life and that of their grandparents, toys, transport etc. in multiple periods of time. 

At the end of Key Stage 2, local, national and international topics are studied in more depth and the outcome they are leading to, to ensure a clear focus and purpose.