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Tennyson Primary School

Family Workers

Family Workers

Meet the Team


Family workers focus on family facing activities

Their role is to:

  • Engage, encourage, enthuse enable and equip parents and families to work in partnership with Schools to improve outcomes for their children, in the 5 areas of the “Helping Children to achieve more” framework
  • To coordinate, mediate and lease between school and home and between parents and professionals
  • To work as an effective member of the School team

What they do in practical terms:

  • Arrange family learning sessions where you can come and learn ways to support your child’s learning and spend time in school with them
  • Arrange adult learning courses
  • Arrange family fun sessions
  • Run “Stay and Play” sessions and organise annual trips
  • Drop-in sessions at North Site
  • Run Parenting courses
  • Swap Shop
  • Support transitions in and out of school and help families settle in
  • Work with families to keep within the school attendance criteria set by the government
  • Run a healthy tuck shop
  • Liaise with outside agencies to offer support to children and their families with many issues e.g housing, behaviour, benefits, to safeguarding children
  • Support the parents/teachers association “Friends of Tennyson” with fundraising
  • Arrange information sessions from other services e.g School, Nurse, Police, Library

What are the 5 outcomes for Helping Children Achieve More?

Be Healthy

Work Alongside children, parents and families to promote healthy lifestyles, including increased activity levels and more balanced diets and supporting young people through the changes of puberty.

Stay Safe

Ensure that young people and their families are safe from harm, including safety from abuse and also through promoting greater awareness to reduce the risks from accidents, including traffic accidents and increased fire safety in the home.

Enjoy and Achieve

Provide a diverse range of activities for parents, children and young people which help develop life, social, education. Leisure based and work-related skills, together with a sense of achievement through progress made.

Make a Positive Contribution

Encourage and promote active participation in a diverse range of activities for parents, children and families, through which they experience a sense of personal direction, greater autonomy, through increased self-esteem and self-confidence.

Achieve Economic Wellbeing

Promoting learning opportunities for parents and children which make them more employable.


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