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Progression Documents

Progression Document (Foundation)

Progression Documents

The purpose of these documents are to outline the key teaching assessment criteria for each year, in each subject. This is to help teachers to plan and assess. This document identifies ‘key assessment criteria’ highlighted from the national curriculum programmes of study for the expected standard (EXS).

The key assessment criteria should be used as a guide to help teachers plan and assess. The children must cover all of the criteria during the academic year that they are in, through planned lessons and activities. Children will be assessed at the expected standard at the end of the year if they meet all of the set criteria.

Teachers should use the criteria holistically and teacher assess against the standards. There is no requirement to use this document as a tick sheet and formative ongoing assessments should be made through teacher assessment during lessons, book looks, moderation and a review of everything the child has done at the end of a unit of work. For example: photos of educational visits out, models/artefacts made, homework tasks, questionnaires, tests etc.

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