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Every Child Matters

Absence from school significantly impacts on a child’s self-esteem and their ability to make progress with their learning. Whilst we understand that Parents want the best for their children, more often, they are unaware of the negative barriers that low attendance has on their child.

 Procedures & Expectations

The Department for Education (DfE) have produced new guidance this month, urging schools to target families with low attendance. With this in mind, we want to offer parents the correct support and turnaround tools they need to achieve this.


How do I report my child’s daily absence?

  • Via your Parent Mail APP (before 9am)
  • Via our Absence Line: 01582 723230 (Option 1)
  • If you do not report your child’s absence, this will automatically be record as unauthorised.


  • For subsequent absences, a daily update is required. We do not accept multiple day absences via the APP, report one day at a time.
  • If your child’s attendance falls below 92%, we cannot authorise this absence without medical evidence.
  • Parents must provide evidence for all dental/medical appointments and would request copies of them before/ after the appointment.

Being on time is vital

We understand that the occasional late arrival to school can take place, however, persistent patterns of poor punctuality can reduce a child’s overall academic success.

Punctuality teaches students the value of time and is an essential life tool

  • Arrive to school at 8.45am
  • Arrival after 8.55am will be recorded as late

Term Time Leave

Due to the changes in Government guidelines, schools are no longer able to authorise requests for holiday periods during term time. Any parent whose child misses up to 10 sessions (1 school day equates to 2 sessions) will be subject to a formal fine process. Parents are urged not to plan holidays outside of the 13 weeks which are allocated for school closures.


Parents have a legal responsibility to ensure their children always attend school. Parents are strongly encouraged to support school policy (See website) and their children’s learning.

Failure to comply with school policy will result in further action being taken.

Please continue supporting our Attendance Initiative and to improve your child’s education!