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A Sneak peak at our Lion King Masks! eeeeek! It's nearly show time!

Spring 2 News letter

SATs PowerPoint 2016

Spring 2 news letter

Our Narnia competition winners... Well done Harris and Julia!

Our Narnia competition winners... Well done Harris and Julia! 1
Our Narnia competition winners... Well done Harris and Julia! 2
Our Narnia competition winners... Well done Harris and Julia! 3

Partner work with Miss Holmes.

Partner work with Miss Holmes. 1
Partner work with Miss Holmes. 2

Kestrel class 2015-2016

Kestrel class 2015-2016 1

The rising stars APP achieve 100 is now available! The cost is approximately £4.99 and is available for Ipad only. As Kestrels already use the Achieve 100 and Achieve + books for their homework and revision studies this APP will be a huge benefit to them. The app allows you to explore interactive Math and GPS questions. A great buy!  no

Today we were visited by Jon Mayhew, a top childrens author. He led an assembly with KS2 (You can see these photos on our Website too) and then led a work shop on creating ideas for writing with Kestrel Class. We were so excited and really enjoyed the workshop.

Meemo! Our brain boosting, memory imporving daily activity!

Practical Maths

Mrs Quince takes our class for higher level writing on a monday morning. Our favourite lesson so far this year was based on the John Lewis Christmas Advert - 'The man on the moon' After watching the video, Ethan took on the role of the man on the moon and we discovered all sorts of things about him that we didn't already know. We then produced some fabulous letters to Lily as our man on the moon! Thank you Mrs Quince, we loved it!

We love Djembe Drumming with Billy! His lessons are so interesting! We can't wait to show to what we have learnt!

Kestrels really enjoyed describing characters from Alice in wonderland - Miss Holmes even let us lay on the tables! We took part in 'hotseating' to devle into our characters thoughts and feelings before we wrote a descriptive piece of writing on our chosen character.

We have been exploring the french terms for our school. (Une ecole)

Stacking Cups! #stackloadsoffun!

A fabulous time was had by all at our class christmas party! we really enjoyed celebrating the season together!

Making christmas decorations with our Grandparents.

Science has been amazing this term! we have taken part in non stop experiments and investigations, ending the term with creating our own games using electricity and circuit boards. Mrs Campfield makes our lessons so exciting that we can't wait for Tuesday afternoon to come around!

Circus skills work shop.

A fabulous time was had by all on our trip to the London War museum. We had a very difficult jouney to London due to the roads being closed for a visit from the Indian Priminister. We spent 6 hours on the coach! We still had a great time though and would really love to visit there again!

During our WWII project we explored evacuation and what it would feel like to experience an evacuation from the view point of a child and a parent. We created so thought provoking images from our exploration of the topic.

Our Contribution to the Harvest festival. Well done Kestrels!

Our Contribution to the Harvest festival. Well done Kestrels! 1

We love Flash Light Friday! We get to read our favourite books in the dark via torch light! Miss Holmes plays relaxing music to enhance the experience! We all groan when she draws the curtain for our first lesson!

Yummy Fruit tasting!

Fabulous work based on our chosen Artist - Kali - Superfertile! We were so lucky that after Miss Holmes posted our work to the Superfertile webpage Kali came in to visit us! She loved our work and was so inspired by what we had produced! Go Kestrels!

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